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Palettes of Franklin County, Vermont


Alice Ann Allen Blue Sugar House Park Cafe  
Alice Baker Salute the Heroes Rixons Norma Bard
Polly Bashaw "Spring, Summer Fall Winter" As The Crow Flies
Denise Beers Lorraines  
Louise Bellows-Counous Jello Sweet Nothings  
Colin Bennett Racquet Club Kevin Smith  
Seniors Bishop St. Artists Six PalletsAs The Crow Flies Bower
Jane Bower  
Zoe Brosky Mom & Me
Elizabeth Casavant   Casavant
Pat Burton One Tree Peoples Trust
Donna Debrechie I got my eye on you Choice Properties
Alan Demont Before Pancakes Rixons  
Rebecca Doucette Trees and Assaying Gwens  
Jason Dunbar Dragon Heros Kingdom  
Keith Gallup Flower Gwens  
Dorsey Hogs Stones Rail City  
Ellen Hsiesh Painted Fan TD BankNorth  
Ardys Klette No Pallet Name Chamber of Commerce  
Natalie Larocque-Bouchard Fawn Rixons  
Ann Levy Gwens  
Joanie Lothian Vermont 4 Season Sweet Nothings  
Beth McGinn Bird Party Classic Exchange  
Faith Newton Park Cafe  
Open Doors Better Planet  
Jean Ostiguy Sewing City Zoning  
Amanda Parker "Starry, Starry, Fright" Chow Bella  
Nick Perley PacMan Flying Disc  
Carolyn Perley Frog and Lilly Pad Unicorn  
Dale Powers Sunshine and Smiling Flowers Garden Patch  
Kelly Powers Inspired by Water Rail City  
Cynthia Rugg Province in Summer Bayberry Cottage  
Sonja Sayers Not for Sale Howards The Flower Shop/TD>  
Robert Schackow     Schakow
Sheila Spaulding, Kathy Gingras, Gail Montcalm American Ladies City Clerk
Kate Stevens Say Woof Gwens
Doug Underwood Dressing Room  
Karen Vath The Art of Jazz Park Cafe  
Don Wilkinson Better Planet  
Jon Young Under the Sea Jeff's Young
Shelly Young    
Purple Fan Eloquent Page

     The World's Largest Palette is sponsored by the Peoples Trust Company, R. J. Fournier, Sticks and Stuff, and Union Bank. It is a project of the All Arts Council and St Albans for the Future. The statewide project is sponsored by Chittenden Bank, Casella Waste Systems, and National Endowment on the Arts, Times Argus, NRG Systems, VermontVacation.com, and Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association, with promotional support from the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing. The local project is sponsored by the All Arts Council and St Albans for the Future with considerable assistance from community partners including BFA-St. Albans, Rene J. Fournier Farm Equipment, Franklin County Regional Chamber of Commerce, New England Central Railroad, People's Trust Company, the St. Albans Historical Museum, Sticks & Stuff, and Union Bank.
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