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All Arts Has Moved

      Big news. Big. All Arts has moved! OK, the old familiar AllArts.org has moved to a new domain because an exciting new program is gearing up.
      WNET, New York's public media station, is developing a new multiplatform media network called ALL ARTS. Our All Arts Council here in Franklin County is the smallest regional arts council in Vermont and probably the only all-volunteer Local Arts Service Organization in the country. When WNET goes live 1n the Fall of 2018, we'll certainly get a lot of their visitors but that's not our audience. And our Google results will sink to page 97 or worse.
      We have sold allarts.org to WNET so that both audiences avoid confusion when they launch online. Here's the deal: you'll find the new WNET ALL ARTS at our old address. You'll find the All Arts Council of Franklin County at AllArtsCouncil.org. Email your questions or comments to the All Arts Council.
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All Arts Council of Franklin County

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