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    Imagine that you've been given $1000 (or
its equivalent in your country's money) with
the condition that you must give it to the
charity that will use the money most wisely.
    To whom do you give the money?

      The All Arts Council of Franklin County, of course.
      The AAC brings all the arts to Franklin County and showcases and develops local artists.

    So what? There are art exhibits,
classical and country concerts, plays,
and avant garde events all over the state.
Why do we care if they happen here?

      We need to support an organization that can not only stage a national art show on a train but also can put one of the world's top ten violin soloists on a local stage for the price of a movie ticket. That way, our local cultural choices this week may range from nude mud wrestling to photo exhibits of Vermont architecture to "long hair" music.
      Jaime Laredo performed on a high school stage in St Albans. Having the Vermont Symphony Orchestra--and other live performances--in our neck of the woods, happens because regional arts councils like this one make it happen.
      This Local Arts Service Organization is a small group of volunteers who present concerts, benefits, exhibits, and educational programs from Summer Sounds to Railroad Days. To continue that level of programming always takes more volunteers and more money.
      If you visited the Artrain in St Albans, you saw the only exhibit of NASA's world class Artistry of Space collection in Vermont, ever. If you did visit, you already know how any financial support helps make the arts happen in our own community.
      The AAC offers seasons-full of popular events including arts shows and festivals, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, recitals, gallery exhibits, school residencies, the Vermont Youth Orchestra, an informal regional theater company consortium, a county-wide crafts and fine arts tour, and even collaborations with statewide dairy and maple producers to show off local art. There are celebrations and meet-the-artist parties, networking opportunities for artists and other members, free workshops, and regular news of local cultural happenings.

      Bottom line. Local and regional arts councils help keep our culture alive for grownups and help bring the culture to life for kids.
      Without the continuation of our culture, we aren't just watching nude mud wrestling. We're wrestling in the mud with no clothes.

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