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Our 2015 Christmas Gift List

      Gifts of art keep on giving throughout our lives.

      Corliss Blakely has original oil and water color paintings, and digital art online and in her (new) studio. She portrays the landscapes and homes of her Vermont ancestors as well as still lifes, iPad paintings, and "the Forgotten Seeds, a Look Within."
      Call 802.782.9550 or visit artistinvermont.com for an exhibit of her work.

      Impressionist painter Janet Bonneau has original plein air oil paintings, mini florals, hand painted Christmas ornaments, and more for sale. Call her (802.849.2049) to set up a time to stop by her 'home' studio or click here or find her on Facebook to see a selection.

      Darcy Cahill offers images from their two books about tobacco sheds. Click here to see their prints and notecards and more.

      Dale Cahill of the Dale and Darcy Band has two CDs for sale, Irish and Waltz. Find them on cdbaby.com .

      Photographer Dick Harper (that would be me) offers interesting buildings, blue skies and sunsets, fireworks, landscapes and seascapes, and seasonal vistas from Vermont, South Florida, and around the United States. Call 802.868.3351 or visit the NorthPuffin.com Gallery or find me on Facebook to see those works.

      Singer-songwriter Carol Ann Jones will supercharge Christmas with three CDs for sale at the Traveled Cup and Just the Place in St. Albans, the Georgia Market and ABC Store in Georgia and the Haymaker Press and Gift Shop in Morrisville as well as cdbaby.com and her news and schedule on Facebook.

      Artist and photographer Natalie LaRocque has colorful images of Franklin County, its wildlife, and scenic landscapes. Her artwork, cards, throw pillows, tote bags, even scenic shower curtains can be found here.

      Mando magician Will Patton has six CDs including Time's Arrow which "features my long time bandmates David Gusakov, Dono Schabner, Clyde Stats, Gabe Jarrett, also my daughter Anna and Montpelier piano great Michael Arnowitt." It was recorded and tweaked by Andre Maquera at West Street Digital and is the culmination of almost two years of writing and arranging. Check out his music page at wpatton.com or find all the CDs at cdbaby.com.

      Bluesman Nobby Reed has a long list of great CDs including his newest, Hard To Quit, plus An Evening with NRP and more available in his online store, nobbyreed.com or find the NRP news and schedule on Facebook.

      Singer, writer, pastor, and AAC director Tim Stetson has the book On Vermont Time and a Gospel Music CD He'll Never Let Me Fall available.
      On Vermont Time features many of Mr. Stetson's short pieces as well as the work of other Vermont authors, poets, photographers and artists including poetry by Lauren Young and Roderick Bates, drawings by Kraig McFadden, and the posthumous publication of prose by Lou Hill, and photos by Gardner Stetson and Harold Green. Find the book here and on Amazon.com.
      The CD can be found here.


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