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Our 2007 Christmas Gift List

      Gifts of art keep on giving throughout our lives.
      A seventh generation Vermonter, Corliss Blakely portrays the homes, farms, and antiques of her ancestors in northern Vermont in limited edition giclees and original oils. Call 802.524.9339 or click here for more info.
      Janet Bonneau has framed photographs in a variety of sizes as well as notecards for sale. "People can call me at 802.849.9954 to set up a time to stop by my 'home' studio to see a selection," she said. She also offers gift certificates towards a purchase.
      Jim Branca's current release, Jim Branca Live, received a glowing review in Blues Revue Magazine. "They called it an uplifting, fun, spiritual, and invigorating show." Mr. Branca said Live makes the perfect stocking stuffer. It is available at various stores around Vermont as well as online at www.jimbranca.com or www.cdbaby.com/jimbranca.
      Bakersfield’s John Cassel has helped build the music scene in Vermont for over thirty years. His CD, Kids Dig Jazz,is perfect for Christmas. He has two other Christmas albums Christmas Music From The Trapp Family Lodge, Volume I and Volume II as well as Moon Dream, released in October of 2007. All are on sale at As The Crow and Rail City. Call 802.827-3705 or click here for more info.
      Counterpoint's CD, Let Me Fly, is an album of spirituals that features Chicago-born soprano Jonita Lattimore and soprano Claire Hungerford of St. Albans. The new album is on sale at As The Crow Flies, Better Planet, the Dressing Room, and online at counterpointchorus.com. Counterpoint recordings also include When the Rabbi Danced," "Misa Criolla," "Shir La Shalom (Sing for Peace), and A Counterpoint Christmas.
      Photographer Dick Harper offers interesting buildings, blue skies and sunsets, fireworks, landscapes and seascapes, and seasonal vistas from Vermont, South Florida, and around the United States. Call 802.868.3351 or visit www.gallery.dickharper.com for more info.
      April Henderson has matted photographs of Vermont scenes in a variety of sizes as well as notecards for sale at Rail City Market in St. Albans. If you don't find what you'd like, call 802.524.5836 to see what might be available.
      Photographer Kris Jarrett offers gift certificates for photo sittings and prints. Call 802.527.1192 or click here for more info.
      Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard has hand painted Vermont slates on display at L.G. Printing in Swanton. "I also do the hand painted custom slates."
      Ann Levy's perennial favorite, Acts of Living: A Cooking Journal for the Culinarily Challenged, is an invitation to begin the adventure of cooking. She offers a holiday special of two autographed copies for $40 (including tax and shipping and handling) via ann@littleapplepress.com
      Jesse Potts offers gift certificates for guitar lessons. Why play Guitar Hero when you can learn the real thing? Call 802.527.3939 for info.
      Will Patton reminds us that "Nothing says Christmas like gypsy jazz and Brasilian tunes." He has 3 CDs out including String Theory with "no waiting." Call 802.827.3845 or click here for more info.
      Bluesman Nobby Reed has a long list of great CDs including The Nobby Reed Project Live at The Harpoon BBQ Fest. All his albums are available Better Planet, The Flying Disk, and Barnes and Noble. Click here for more info.
      Photographer David R. Southwick has the wild formations of crystal ice known as frost on our windows. Add a sunrise and these wild shapesbecome infused by all the ember colors in the dawn of day. Click here or call 802.933.4530 to see his prints, framed prints and a bound book of prints or visit his studio in Berkshire.
      Leon Thompson has written dork--another look at my junk, the companion piece or even sequel to his first book, "Good Junk." The collection of his ten years of mostly humor(ous) columns from the St. Albans Messenger is "a perfect read while you're fuming over flight delays at the airport to visit relatives for Christmas," he said.
      Ally M. & Ally G., written by Lauren Young of Enosburg and illustrated by Sandra Rooney of Franklin, is the tale of two girls on a picnic of fun and adventure for ages 5 to 8. It is available at Borders Book Store in Burlington and Better Planet or Amazon.com or Trafford.com.
      The Vermont Youth Orchestra Association offers the gift of live music this holiday season with tickets to upcoming Vermont Youth Orchestra concerts. The tickets are available at Flynntix or through the Flynn Center Box Office at 802.86.Flynn. Call LisaMarie Charlesworth (802.655.5030) for VYOA materials to turn your simple gift into a special "package."


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