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December 9, 1997


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      The second annual AAC art exhibit in the Rotary Home Show kicked off Arts Auction '97. Featuring works by Franklin County artists and performers, the auction will benefit the AAC Arts in Education program by providing small grants to area schools and underwriting new workshops for Franklin County residents.
      The Home Show exhibit included fine art, photography, a special pot pourri of sculptures and other three-dimensional work plus a collection of exceptional student art from around the county. There were Vermont landscapes, ceremonial drums, abstract art, wildlife in oils, acrylics, and watercolor, a stunning tile table, and even a strolling musician. We sold books, fine art, photographs, sculpture, and theater tickets from Louise Bellows, Corliss Blakely Bob Brodeur, W. J. Chaput, Prudi Dempsey, Fairfax Community Theatre Company, Georgia Gate players, Mary Harper, Patrice Havreluk-Hemingway, April Henderson, David Juaire, Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard, John Lawyer, Beth Maginn, Ania Modzelewski, Theresa Paeplow, Celeste Pecor, Richard Serpe, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Kathi Walker, and Lauren Young.


      The AAC's first auction was a success. A small crowd came to Chow! Bella and took home about two dozen pieces of fine art, sculpture, books, and theater tickets. The auction, a benefit for the AAC Arts in Education program, raised enough to underwrite at least five ArtsBoost grants in 1998.
      Larry Kempton guided us through the detailed planning that makes an auction run smoothly, then performed miracles as auctioneer. Natalie introduced the art and artists. AAC members had name tags, thanks to Melissa Ewell. Anne Harper, Kheya Kiefner, Kate Kinney, and Natalie made reminder phone calls. Rich Serpe and Melissa did the "lug and tug." Kate and Dick Harper were the clerks.

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