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Kids Saving Kids

KIDS SPEAK MUSIC--Drunk driving is the number one killer of young music fans in Vermont. This is the first time in history that free digital downloads have been used to raise drunk driving awareness.
      The Stop Drunk Driving Now Kids Saving Kids CD Campaign brings talented young musicians from across America together to use their own music to raise awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence. A total of 30 artists will appear on a digitally distributed CD. The music will be available for free downloading by anyone. When people visit the page to hear the music, they will also see a host of prevention messages--designed by high school and college students--about the costs of drunk driving.
      Artists must be 18 years old or younger, have at least one recorded original song, include their age, hometown, and parent's contact information. Boston-based Illumina Records will produce the CD.
      Please note that Internet chatter calls Illumina Records "a scam." The organization does seem to be a vanity publisher but the Kids Saving Kids campaign appears to be a legitimate, free opportunity to do some good. Illumina will undoubtedly use the data they gather from the musicians to market their own services.
      Submit a MP3 or a WAV file of one original song by email. The deadline is March 30.
      Click here to learn more about National Spokesperson Becca Levy and hear her music.

Required Information
Music Title (MP3 or a WAV)  
Your Name  
Your Age  
Your Hometown
, VT    
Your PARENTS’ name  
Your PARENTS’ mailing address  
Your PARENTS’ phone or email  

      The All Arts Council and Franklin County Caring Communities will host a local project with the same goals. Watch this space for details.


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