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      On Page 3 we saw how a steering committee of volunteers from four major groups (the All Arts Council, the Bishop Street Artists, the St Albans Artists' Guild, and St. Albans for the Future) as well as other interested groups, a newspaper reporter, and other individuals has been considering the functions an Arts and Cultural Center needed to fulfill.
      In a series of weekly meetings, the steering committee has "fleshed out" the function list. Two meetings served to add specific functions to the list of general functions. Here is the second half of the list.

GATHER DATA--The committee will survey artists, residents, visitors, buildings, and assets in the community as well as inventory statewide solutions to the Arts and Cultural Center question.

EDUCATE, CONNECT, ENRICH, FACILITATE--Arts education for artists, community members, students, and teachers.

ENTERTAIN--Host public exhibits and performances including art shows, comedy, concerts, film, lectures, named series, niche, readings and poetry, and theater.

HOLD GATHERINGS--This function needs a consistent schedule and scheduled events in informal places as well as traditional space.

      It took two meetings to add specific functions to the list of general functions expected of an Art and Cultural Center. On page 5, we will report on the mission statement developed by the steering committee.



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